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Dutch superyacht builder ICON asked four design studios (Dixon Yacht Design, Ivan Erdevicki, H2 Yacht Design and Newcruise) to plan the transformation of HR MS Blommendal, a 59m survey vessel built by Boele in 1973 for the Royal Dutch Navy. The ship is one of a whole series retired from service and available for conversion.


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Former Hr Ms “Blommendal”

A worldwide market exists for super yachts of above 50 metres in length. Yachts of this size can only be custom built at a cost of around 1m Euros per metre/lenght, with often a waiting list of several years. Consequently a trend has developed for the conversion of former marine commercial vessels into super yachts.

A unique opportunity exists for private owners or investors to own or to participate in one of these conversion projects known for the time being as Project 60.

The target vessel is a former maritime research vessel commissioned in 1972 by the Dutch Government. The vessel was built in Holland to the highest possible standards. The hull and superstructure are currently still in good condition.

The conversion process would involve the appointment of an established naval architect to re-style the vessel as a modern, fully equipped super yacht or expedition vessel. A full engineering conversion would then be carried out to the naval architect’s specification, to the highest quality standards in a recognised shipyard.

Technical information:

  • Name: (former) Hr. Ms. Blommendal
  • Type of vessel: Motor ship
  • L.o.a.: 193.58 ft / 59,00 m
  • Beam: 37,07’ / 11.30 m
  • Draft: 11.48’ / 3.50 m
  • Built: 1972
  • For: Royal Dutch navy, hydrographic research vessel
  • Builder: Boele’s Scheepswerven & Machinefabriek b.v.
  • Identification nr: 15816BA2004
  • Displacement: 1050 tons
  • Engines: 3x 700HP Diesel/electric (dismantled)
  • Speed: 13 knots cruising
  • Range: 3500 nm approx.
  • Fuel: 69,180 lt / 18,277 US Gallons
  • Water: 75.940 lt / 20,063 US Gallons
  • Crew: 45
  • Material: Steel, welded. (cortén)
  • Registration nr: (before) A905 (marine vessel)
  • Home port: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Former Hr Ms “Blommendal”

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Download more Information (2,2 MB PDF): download pdf file